Online Resilience Education

Life Launch Centers successfully teaches the Resilience Model© and evidence based principles of DBT & CBT to clients in our local group counseling programs.

And now it's available to everyone, ONLINE.

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On-Demand Education

Anytime, anywhere, take it at your own pace.  Heck, learn it in your underwear if you want. 

Actionable Learning

DBT, CBT, and emotional resilience tools will change your family's lives, for the better.

Evidence Based

It's not just a bunch of fluff, this is evidence based research put into practice.

Put An End To The Madness Of Anxiety & Depression 

It's time to take your life back.  Anxiety and depression have taken over too many of our lives.  With the CDC reporting that over 32% of youth have anxiety, we're all affected in some way. 

But we can do something about it!

The Life Launch Centers Resilience Model©


Incorporating principles from DBT, CBT and resiliency training from Brené Brown, this model walks you through the steps to actually build emotional resilience.

Starting with establishing values, and understanding brain development, we teach what happens when we get triggered and become emotionally hijacked, then apply the physical and mental tools to intentionally return to logical thought processes.

Processing emotions and building strong, healthy connections is the key to RESILIENCE.

Just Go For It!

Life's too short to be held back by anxiety and depression.  

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